Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Home organizing?

I was recently introduced to a new thing called home organizing. I had no idea such a profession existed in the first place! After looking around in the Seattle area for some home organizing help, I've found a few places to call.

There were companies like Organizing Experts, Uncluttered NW, and Simplify Experts, I ultimately ended up choosing Tidy Sense. I felt like the price point worked for me and the website's content made me feel comfortable with what I was signing myself up for.

Their services page gave me a good idea of what their program entails while the FAQ answered a lot of my questions. Like the other companies, Tidy Sense serves the Seattle area since they are based around there. I realized that they were quite close to where I lived, so that also helped me made my decision.

So far, the process is a bit of work, but the transformations I have seen are amazing. I would highly recommend anyone to call up Tidy Sense for home organizing in Seattle. Their website is Do you have any other recommendations for Seattle home organizing?