Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Home organizing?

I was recently introduced to a new thing called home organizing. I had no idea such a profession existed in the first place! After looking around in the Seattle area for some home organizing help, I've found a few places to call.

There were companies like Organizing Experts, Uncluttered NW, and Simplify Experts, I ultimately ended up choosing Tidy Sense. I felt like the price point worked for me and the website's content made me feel comfortable with what I was signing myself up for.

Their services page gave me a good idea of what their program entails while the FAQ answered a lot of my questions. Like the other companies, Tidy Sense serves the Seattle area since they are based around there. I realized that they were quite close to where I lived, so that also helped me made my decision.

So far, the process is a bit of work, but the transformations I have seen are amazing. I would highly recommend anyone to call up Tidy Sense for home organizing in Seattle. Their website is Do you have any other recommendations for Seattle home organizing?

Saturday, February 2, 2013

AmpTec's JuiceCAN Charger

If you're not satisfied with your battery power, then let AmpTec's JuiceCAN help you out.  This amazing innovation can charge your iPhone 5 three times over. One can may even charge your drained iPad a number of times.

It is compatible with anything that gets power using a USB port, plus this colorful gadget is stackable, meaning you may stack the JuiceCANs into a JuiceCane, which gives you more power whenever you need it.

It allows you to add utility caps, that offer numerous uses including a LED flashlight, USB ports, and a vibrator.

Right now, this Indiegogo project is seeking funding.  You'll need to pay $33 to get a JuiceCAN. So far, 33 days are left and AmpTec is a bit over $6,000 going to its $25,000 goal.

Unveiling the Blackberry Z10

Previously known as Research In Motion, the company just launched its latest handset today. Behold the BlackBerry Z10, running on the newest BlackBerry 10 platform.

The people who attended the launching event received Z10 devices for them to take to their homes and review. The mobile phone is indeed elegantly beautiful -- simple but sleek and modern.

Aside from the Z10, you'll also find the basic packaging and accessories that a smartphone usually comes with . But you'll surely see something you won't expect -- a holster case for your Z10. Yup, a holster! BB may offer a new mobile phone, OS and a new name but old habits are quite difficult to stop.

While it's not yet certain whether the Z10 and BlackBerry 10 will be able to turn BlackBerry's fortunes upside down, it's so exciting to watch out how this progresses.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Lenovo Launches Thinkpad for Schools

Lenovo will be launching its most up-to-date laptop for schools which will run on Google and not Microsoft.

The ThinkPad X131e Chromebook was made with the teachers and school administrators in mind. It can be controlled easily and offers thousands of apps with educational purpose. Lenovo hasn't announce its pricing yet, but the special bidding for schools starts next month. 

The Chromebook weighs 3.9 pounds and includes an 11-inch display with an anti-glare feature and a 1366 x 786 resolution.  It also has a webcam, 3 USB ports and VGA and HDMI ports. The company did not reveal its Intel processor or the battery life of the device, but it claimed that the laptops will lasts the entire duration of 1 school day.

Thinkpad can also withstand the wear and tear of students because it has reinforced corners, a rubber bumper as well as hinges which are tested to endure 50 thousand closes and opens. 

Monday, December 10, 2012

Choosing a Laptop For A Small Business

If you want to buy a new laptop for your small business remember to shop online or at an authorized local reseller to get the service and customization you will need.

Type of Laptop

Laptops are available in different sizes. The type of laptop you need depends on how you're going to use it. If you're travelling often, you must choose an ultraportable, 12-inch screen laptop or maybe a 13.3 to 14-inch laptop. 

If you want to replace your PC on your desk, then buying a 17-inch laptop is most likely suitable for you. 

Hard Drive: A laptop that uses a traditional hard drive must offer shock insulation, and a sensor that has the ability to detect falls and parks the heads on your hard drive prior to impact. 

Operating System

While it is tempting for your small business to purchase the much cheaper Microsoft Windows (home version), that's a mistake. This versions do not have encryption, do not play well when it comes to network domains and will not back up across a certain network with no 3rd-party software, and they are not multilingual.

To discover more options, check out now!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Floating Homes: The Solution to Flooding?

United Kingdom's Environmental Agency hopes to introduce floating homes to some parts of the country for better protection against floods.

In early 2012, the agency supported the plan of the architecture company, Baca Architects, to make a floating home structure in Buckinghamshire, a place located approximately 40 miles NW of London.

While the plan was solidified in February, the flooding that took place recently in the UK, which has displaced over 900 individuals from their houses, is motivating construction workers to complete this project the soonest time possible. 

The underworks of the house will be sitting on a platform above hollow pontoons, which are made from timber and concrete.  Once the place floods, this house will become a free-floating pontoon. During severe flooding, the house will have the ability to rise 8 feet above its original position. The pipes for gas, electricity, sewage and water will keep running even if the structure rises. 

But there's a catch. The estimated price of the house is $2.4 million.

Eyeglasses From Google Can Surf the Internet

Google has launched futuristic prototype eyeglasses offering a heads-up display with an Internet connection. 

Named as "Project Glass," the intricately designed specs can project images and icons within the visual field of the wearer and enable voice-activated communication and control.

In their video demonstration, a person wearing the Google eyeglasses is shown in an everyday routine while he checks the weather, reads and sends messages, takes and sends photos and participates in a video chat.

The eyeglasses are going to be tested in the market by Google's development team, but the company has not mentioned when they could be sold or how much.