Sunday, December 2, 2012

Eyeglasses From Google Can Surf the Internet

Google has launched futuristic prototype eyeglasses offering a heads-up display with an Internet connection. 

Named as "Project Glass," the intricately designed specs can project images and icons within the visual field of the wearer and enable voice-activated communication and control.

In their video demonstration, a person wearing the Google eyeglasses is shown in an everyday routine while he checks the weather, reads and sends messages, takes and sends photos and participates in a video chat.

The eyeglasses are going to be tested in the market by Google's development team, but the company has not mentioned when they could be sold or how much.

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  1. Really amazing technology and really difficult to bound all this in a tiny lens. I think this will be the most expensive eyeglass today because you can surf the web from it. I wish I will own one.

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